CommercialKitchen Filtration
The body adopts electrostatic sprayingprocess,which haslong service life andisnot easy to get dirty
IP65 waterproof and dust-proof, thickened door shaft design. ;make the structure more solid.large area, small wind resistance.High efficiency wash arm and rinse arm ,Add the effective con-tact surface between water and meal, To achieve zero break-age of washing meal, the washing arm is designed with con-cave hole and hole,High speed 360-degree rotating fan typewater form, expanding the scouring range, super cleaning ca-pacity, to ensure the perfect washing effectDouble circular roller design, light lifting, easy to clean.
  • Highly energy effcient
  • Highly energy effcient
  • Ip65 Ratedfor outside installation
  • Competitive Cost/High availability
  • All major restaurant brands use pure air products, and as a manufacturer of commercialkitchen filtration equipment in China, we are very proud to know that our commercial kitchenelectrostatic precipitators are unmatched, with efficiencies up to 98% down to 0.01 micronsOur products are modular in scale and affordable for local restaurants, but scalable for largeturnkey projects
    When running a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it is fundamentally important to understanathatthereis no smell or smoke in the exhaust pipe

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